A Course of Love, audio book. Read by Mari Perron, first receiver.

     This is an excerpt, including the first 24 chapters.

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Book One



Chapter 1: A Course of Love

Chapter 2: What love Is

Chapter 3: The First Lesson

Chapter 4: Love's Equity

Chapter 5: Relationship

Chapter 6: Forgiveness/Joining

Chapter 7: Withholding

Chapter 8: The Separation from the Body

Chapter 9: The Prodigal’s Return

Chapter 10: Use and Understanding

Chapter 11: Free Will and Willingness

Chapter 12: Origin of Separation

Chapter 13: Observation and Experience

Chapter 14: Special Relationships, Earthly and Human

Chapter 15: The Special Self

Chapter 16: What You Choose Instead

Chapter 17: Conscious Non-Planning

Chapter 18: The Mind Engaged

Chapter 19: Oneness and Duality

Chapter 20: The Embrace

Chapter 21: Love Is

Chapter 22: The Intersection

Chapter 23: The Freedom of the Body

Chapter 24: The Time of Tenderness

Chapter 25: Devotion as a Type of Participation

Chapter 26: The Full Life

Chapter 27: Being

Chapter 28: Bearing Witness

Chapter 29: Attention

Chapter 30: Being Present

Chapter 31: The Nature of the Mind

Chapter 32: Love Returned to Love

Learning in the Time of Christ, 1

Book Two: The Treatises of A Course of Love

A Treatise on The Art of Thought: The First Treatise

Chapter 1: The First Instruction

Chapter 2: The Art of Thought

Chapter 3: The Call to the Miracle

Chapter 4: The Center of the Universe

Chapter 5: The Choice for Love

Chapter 6: The Act of Prayer

Chapter 7: Suffering and the New Learning

Chapter 8: Incarnation and Resurrection

Chapter 9: Giving and Receiving

Chapter 10: Peace

A Treatise on The Nature of Unity and Its Recognition:

The Second Treatise

Chapter 1: Treasure

Chapter 2: To Hear the Call

Chapter 3: To Answer the Call

Chapter 4: The Call to Who You Are

Chapter 5: The Source of Your Call

Chapter 6: The Belief: Accomplishment

Chapter 7: The Belief: Giving and Receiving As One

Chapter 8: The Belief: No Relationships Are Special

Chapter 9: The Belief: There Is No Loss But Only Gain

Chapter 10: The Belief: We Only Learn in Unity

Chapter 11: The Belief: We Exist in Relationship and Unity

Chapter 12: The Belief: Correction and Atonement

Chapter 13: The Final Call

A Treatise on The Personal Self: The Third Treatise

Chapter 1: True and False Representation

Chapter 2: The Purpose of Representation

Chapter 3: The True Self

Chapter 4: The Dismantling of Illusion

Chapter 5: Original Purpose

Chapter 6: The Desire for Reward

Chapter 7: The Explosion of Belief

Chapter 8: The House of Truth

Chapter 9: To Dwell in the House of Truth

Chapter 10: An Exercise in Forgetting

Chapter 11: The Temptations of the Human Experience

Chapter 12: The Physical Self in the House of Truth

Chapter 13: The Practice: No Loss But Only Gain

Chapter 14: Not Other Than Who You Are

Chapter 15: The New Beginning

Chapter 16: Willingness, Temptation, and Belief

Chapter 17: A Mistake in Learning

Chapter 18: Observation

Chapter 19: Physical Reality

Chapter 20: Suffering and Observance

Chapter 21: The Identity of the True Self

Chapter 22: The True Self in Observable Form

A Treatise on The New: The Fourth Treatise

Chapter 1: All Are Chosen

Chapter 2: Shared Vision

Chapter 3: Natural Vision

Chapter 4: The Inheritance of Everlasting Life

Chapter 5: The Energy of Creation and the Body of Christ

Chapter 6: A New Choice

Chapter 7: An End to Learning

Chapter 8: To Come to Know

Chapter 9: Beyond Learning

Chapter 10: Creating Anew

Chapter 11: The End of Learning

Chapter 12: A Prelude to The Dialogues

Learning in the Time of Christ, 2


Book Three: The Dialogues of A Course of Love

Chapter 1: Acceptance of the State of Grace

Chapter 2: Acceptance and Denial

Chapter 3: The Covenant of the New

Chapter 4: The New You

Chapter 5: True Representation

Chapter 6: The Body and the Elevation of Form

Chapter 7: Time and the Experience of Transformation

Chapter 8: The Territory of Conscious Awareness

Chapter 9: Awareness that Does Not Come from Thought

Chapter 10: The Accomplishment of the Elevated Self of Form

Chapter 11: The Return to Unity

Chapter 12: The Body and Your Thoughts

Chapter 13: Sharing and Refinement

Chapter 14: New Frontiers

Chapter 15: Becoming and the Principles of Creation

Chapter 16: From Image to Presence

Chapter 17: The Secret of Succession

The Forty Days and Forty Nights

Day 1: Accept Me

Day 2: Accept Your Self

Day 3: Accept Abundance

Day 4: The New Temptations

Day 5: Access to Unity

Day 6: The Time In Between

Day 7: Conditions of the Time of Acceptance

Day 8: Accept the Present

Day 9: Freedom

Day 10: Power

Day 11: Christ-Consciousness

Day 12: The Spacious Self Joined in Relationship

Day 13: Union with the Spacious Self

Day 14: Healing

Day 15: Entering the Dialogue

Day 16: Paradise Re-Found

Day 17: The Fulfillment of the Way of Jesus

Day 18: The Way to Paradise

Day 19: The Way of Mary

Day 20: The First Transition

Day 21: The Reversal

Day 22: Channeling

Day 23: Carrying

Day 24: Potential

Day 25: Tending Your Garden

Day 26: Self-Guidance

Day 27: The Apprehension of Levels of Experience

Day 28: From Externally to Internally Directed Life Experience

Day 29: The Common Denominator of Experience

Day 30: Yielding to Wholeness

Day 31: Joining

Day 32: The Experience of the Self and the Power of God

Day 33: Being in Relationship

Day 34: Saying Yes to Power

Day 35: Being a Creator in Unity and Relationship

Day 36: Who You Are in Unity and Relationship

Day 37: A New Idea of God

Day 38: Who I Am

Day 39: Who I Am to You

Day 40: Who You Are to Me

Epilogue: A Note on Being

Learning in the Time of Christ, 3

Dialogue Unveiled